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Back in 2010 we supported a nursery and helped to provide the children with better conditions. Minimal standards for nurseries, such as apply in Switzerland, are not binding in South Africa unless the nursery is approved by the state.

In summer 2011, using foundation money, Lucky Point was finally able to finance the purchase of a small house in the middle of Botrivier. Claudia Delport, a member of our team, lives with her three children and husband in it and at the same time runs a nursery for children up to the age of 4 years in the purpose-built extension. The nursery was opened in January 2012.

Claudia plans to take the state exam to become a Nursery Head, with the result that the nursery will be state-approved. The Lucky Point nursery particularly intends to help working mothers to carry out their profession knowing that their children are in a safe and competent place.

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