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Education is of primary importance

Recycling in South Africa is still in its infant stages so it is our job to explain to the children what environmentalism is and why recycling is so important.

In their daily interactions, the children learn to practise tolerance and respect. Some children, who live in iron shelters, have to learn basic skills such as how to use a toilet or how to eat with a knife and fork.

Since 2011 we have organised a few day trips, for example the "Day at the Sea" and the visit to the aquarium in Cape Town with a guided tour.

More activities have been planned such as the organization of camps, instruction on the subject of the environment, sporting events and courses – for example, sanding down old glass and decorating it with engravings or making artistic wirework creations. A young artist, who lives a very simple life in one of the many wooden huts, has offered to train a few youngsters in his art – without charge. Talented youngsters will soon be able to earn a few Rand with this new skill.

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