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Playroom – activities for children

A room has been added to the small house in the middle of Botrivier belonging to the project leader, Elisabeth . The children and youngsters up to the age of around 13 meet here for all kinds of activities including playing and painting.

As the playroom is built onto Elisabeth Jacob's house, the children often turn up at her door and ask 'Can we play please?' Of course Elisabeth can't bring herself to refuse, but this means that she has to join in. And she's not the type to let the children go home hungry either. In winter they receive a free warm meal several times a week.

This is the only opportunity far and wide for the children to play in clean and safe surroundings. Two cultures and two languages come together here: the blacks speak Xhosa and the coloureds speak Afrikaans. Even today these two ethnic groups live segregated from each other. But with us they play together and have fun learning the other's language at the same time.

The rules are simple: have fun, but don't swear and don't fight!

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