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Three more points

A five-year old boy with 3 credit points stood mesmerised by the colourful toothbrushes on the shelf. 1 toothbrush = 3 points. He hastily took one. His very own toothbrush – wow!

Next to the toothbrushes he saw a small washcloth and looked at me with large, pleading eyes. How many? 3 points. He didn’t have 3 more points. "No points, no washcloth, I’m sorry." It nearly broke my heart to hear myself say the words. But, less than half an hour later, the boy had returned with enough bottles for three new points. The washcloth was his!

His head held high, he left the shop with toothbrush in one hand, washcloth in the other, proud as a peacock and beaming from ear to ear. This had all been his own work. Deeply moved, I watched him skip out of the shop. If ever I needed to know that Lucky Point was worth it, this was it! We were right on track.

It’s worth mentioning that in the meantime the boy has become one of our regular "customers".

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