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The Wendy House

Once again we were able to make a difference by building a new “After School Care House” for the kids.

The old hut was taken down in the evening and on the very next morning the construction workers built the new timber cottage. The size is 3 x 6 meters with three windows, a wooden floor and an isolated roof. Thanks to this isolation, it won't get too hot in the summer and not as cold in the winter.

The new „Wendy House“ is surrounded by tin shacks and wooden huts and there is no water or electricity.

The kids are very proud of their new quarters and are spending their daily free time after school there to draw and play. Also, they have the chance to eat there several times a week. The Wendy house is being looked after by Irene, who lives in the neighbourhood.

The opportunity to have a place like the Wendy House is very important, as the kids and their families have nothing and the unemployment rate is very high. Winters are worst, because almost everybody works on the fruit farms and vineyards.

While vacationing in South Africa a dear friend, Helga, visited Lucky-Point and spontaneously decided to pay for the whole construction! Thank you so much Helga!

The inauguration of the new Wendy House was accompanied by a superb concert with our Marimbas – we had a lot of fun with the kids and everybody from the area.
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