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Margrit Schwendimann
Fundraising, marketing and project management

Margrit Schwendimann is Swiss and grew up in Zurich. Over 30 years ago she lived and worked in Johannesburg. Even after her return to Switzerland, she went travelling in South Africa several times and her love for this country of contrasts continued to grow.

Since 2003, Margrit Schwendimann and her partner have spent April to November living in Central Switzerland and November to April near Cape Town. She is the heart of Lucky Point and has unlimited energy for organising fundraisers, giving talks and supervising goods deliveries.

"It is the children and their reactions that inspire us to continue after efforts, despite all the bureaucratic, financial and material obstacles that stand in our way. At the end of the day, they make us feel we’re doing something which is productive and meaningful," Mrs Schwendimann explains.


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