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Townships – history and origins

Townships originated as administrative zones in urban living areas that were set up during the apartheid era in South Africa. Segregated on ethnic grounds, they provided clearly designated living spaces for black, coloured or Indian citizens. Each race was separated from the others by buffer zones such as traffic junctions, industrial plants or areas of undeveloped land.

Even though apartheid is now over, these townships still exist. They provide deprived citizens with a place to live although the steady rise in the township population presents a huge problem. The people live in shelters made of cardboard and corrugated iron. In many places there is little or no infrastructure, water or electricity, and sanitary conditions are pitiful. And with such a high population density and poverty of this level, crime, hunger and violence are commonplace.

On a positive note, targets for improvement are in place in the form of a more efficient network of roads, power and water supplies.

NPO Lucky Point Township NPO Lucky Point Township NPO Lucky Point Township